Community and Therapeutic Recreation

School of Health and Human Sciences

Fieldwork picBefore you begin your practicum or internship, forms 1 – 4 (below) must be submitted, WITH ALL REQUIRED ATTACHMENTS, to the Department of CTR.

  1. CTR Eligibility Form For Practicum or Internship
  2. CTR Request for Practicum or Internship Site Approval
  3. CTR Report Calendar for Practicum or Internship
  4. Student Learning Outcomes Form for Practicum or Internship

Refund of Tuition Fees

Students will receive a refund of Athletic and Health Center tuition fees if the practicum or internship site is over 50 miles from the UNCG campus.

Refunds are handled automatically within the CTR Department in July. In late August or early September you can inquire on the status of your refund through the Cashier’s Office (336-334-5831).

Submit the form, if applicable, along with the required forms above.

Download the formRefund of Fees Form