Community and Therapeutic Recreation

School of Health and Human Sciences

Assistant Professor
Community Recreation and Event Planning

Justin Harmon, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Community and Therapeutic Recreation. Harmon has worked extensively in the parks, forestry and recreation fields, and has a diverse background in practice that includes land and wildlife management, environmental and primary education, event planning, and community relations and outreach.

He has explored community as an area of research in numerous regions and contexts, as well as through numerous theoretical lenses and epistemologies. His primary research lines focus on health and aging broadly, and specifically in regards to the use of leisure for coping and identity maintenance for people with serious and terminal diseases, and the use of music for affecting quality of life and life course development.

His research can be found in the journals Annals of Leisure Research, Leisure/Loisir, World Leisure Journal and Leisure Sciences to name a few. When not in the classroom he can be found in the backyard or forest with his dog, at a concert or in the yoga studio. A really good day sees the intersection of all of those! 

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Dr. Justin T. Harmon
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