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PIC12835 May Commencement

QUESTION:  What is the date and time for this year’s CTR ceremony?
ANSWER:  The Department of CTR’s 2018 Graduation Ceremony will be held Thursday, May 3rd, 2018 from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm in Cone Ballroom at Elliott University Center on the UNCG campus.
QUESTION: When are graduation ceremonies held for December, May, and August graduates?
: There is no CTR departmental graduation ceremony in December, however, the university holds a December graduation for students completing degree requirements at the end of fall semester.  Students completing their requirements in May or August should attend the May graduation ceremonies (there are no August ceremonies, so August grads walk in the May ceremonies).
The Dept of CTR ceremony is held in Cone Ballroom (in Elliott University Center) the day before the university-wide ceremony.  University-wide ceremonies in Dec and May are held at the Greensboro coliseum. Information on the CTR ceremony is emailed from the department during the spring semester.  Visit Commencement Central for info on the university-wide ceremonies.

QUESTION:  Do I have to “apply” to graduate?
: Yes, you must submit an application in Genie by the deadline to graduate.  This lets the Registrar’s Office know to move your student record to the review process for finalization and approval of your degree.  

QUESTION: When do I need to apply to graduate in Genie?
:  Click on the “For all students” link on the Commencement Central web page for application deadlines. These deadlines vary according to the month you will graduate (Dec, May, or Aug), so be sure to find the correct date based on when you will be finishing degree requirements.

QUESTION:  I plan to complete an internship this summer and finish all degree requirements in August.  Am I considered a May or August graduate?
:  If you will finish all degree requirements in August after a summer internship, you are considered an August graduate.  So you will need to apply as an August graduate in Genie.  If you plan to participate in a graduation ceremony, you will do so in May before your summer internship.

QUESTION: I am unable to participate in a graduation ceremony.  Do I still need to let the university know that I plan to graduate?
:  Yes, even if you do not plan to walk in a graduation ceremony, you DO have to apply in Genie, so the Registrar’s Office knows to finalize your paperwork.

QUESTION:  I want to participate in a graduation ceremony.  Can I participate in the May ceremony, even though I won’t be completely finished until August?
:  Yes, students completing degree requirements in August should plan to participate in the May ceremonies (departmental and/or university).  There are no August ceremonies, so you must walk in May, if you plan to participate in the CTR and/or university-wide ceremonies.

QUESTION:  How do I sign up to participate in the graduation ceremonies?
:  In mid to late January of each year, you will begin receiving emails from Amy Chandler with info on signing up for the CTR departmental ceremony.  Watch for these emails, and be aware of when the SignUpGenius invitation will be sent.  Once you receive the SignUpGenius invitation, be sure to respond.  If you fail to sign up, your name will not be placed on the count of graduating students, or included in the ceremony program.  For info on signing up for the university-wide graduation ceremony, visit Commencement Central.

QUESTION:  How many guests can I invite to the CTR graduation ceremony
:  The CTR departmental graduation ceremony is held in Cone Ballroom, which holds approximately 630 chairs.  Since we will have around 75 students participating in the ceremony, each student is allowed to invite 7 guests.  For info on the number of guests for the university-wide graduation ceremony, visit Commencement Central.

QUESTION:  Do I have to wear a cap and gown at the ceremony?
: Yes, you are required to wear regalia at the ceremony.  Regalia is purchased through the UNCG Bookstore.  Also remember that you will be walking up and down a set of portable metal steps to cross the stage in front of approximately 630 people, so plan accordingly.

QUESTION:  Where will guests park?
All campus parking garages are free on the day of graduationThe Walker Avenue Parking Deck is directly across from Elliott University Center, and provides easy access to the building.  Online Campus Map

QUESTION:  What time should I arrive at Cone Ballroom, and what time should my guests arrive at Cone Ballroom?
:   Graduating students should arrive no later than 10:30. This leaves enough time for you to store any valuables with family/friends, find your place in the graduating student line, and be ready when the procession enters the ballroom. Guests should arrive no later than 10:45.

QUESTION:  Who should I contact with questions about graduation?
:   If your questions are in regards to whether or not you will have met all your degree requirements, contact your academic advisor.  If you have questions about the CTR departmental ceremony, contact Amy Chandler at or 336-334-5327.  For info on the university-wide ceremony, visit Commencement Central.