Community and Therapeutic Recreation

School of Health and Human Sciences

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Students in the CTR Department are advised based on the number of credit hours earned.  If a student has 45 credit hours or less, they are advised by the HHS Advising Center.  If the student has 46 or more credit hours, they are advised by a Department of CTR faculty advisor. 

Below are frequently asked questions about advising.  Please feel free to email the Department of CTR ( at any time with your advising questions.


How can I find out who is my advisor?

To find your advisor:

  1. Login to UNCGenie.
  2. Select Student Services and Financial Aid.
  3. Select Registration.
  4. Select Look up Advisor.
  5. Select the term from the drop down list.
  6. Click View Advisor.
  7. Your advisor is now displayed.

What happens when I reach the 46 credit hour mark and am moved from HHS Advising Center to a CTR faculty advisor?

After each semester’s grades are posted in Genie, students reaching 46 credit hours will be moved to a CTR faculty advisor.  These students will be notified by email of their new advisor’s name and contact information. 

What should I do once I have been moved to a CTR faculty advisor?

Once the student has been assigned to a faculty advisor, they should contact the advisor to set up an appointment to prepare a Plan of Study.  This document shows which classes the student has left to take, and the semesters in which they should be taken).   

How will I know when it’s time for advising?

About a month before it’s time to register for next semester’s classes, students will begin receiving emails about signing up for an advising appointment.  If you are advised by the HHS Advising Center, visit their site for instructions on setting up an advising appointment.  If you are advised by a CTR faculty advisor, you will receive information on signing up for a CTR group advising appointment. 

What is “CTR Group Advising?”

Each semester, the Department of CTR holds group advising sessions for students assigned to a CTR faculty advisor.   At this sessions, students outline their schedule for next semester and are given an advising code to be used for class registration.  Once the student’s registration window opens, they can sign up for classes using the advising code.

What happens during the CTR group advising session?

 During a group advising session, students are assisted with planning a schedule for the upcoming semester.  Then, once the schedule has been determined, students are given an advising code with which to register.  To prepare for a group advising session, students should gather the following items:

  • A tentative course schedule based on your Plan of Study and the Genie list of courses for the upcoming semester.  This tentative course schedule should include the CRN#’s, section #’s, and times and days the courses are offered (course information can be found in Genie).
  • A copy of your current degree works report  which will show all of the courses for which you have earned credit, and courses you have yet to complete.3) any remaining questionsFor instructions on printing a CAPP visit:

Once you have completed your group pre-registration session, you will have a class schedule and your advising code for next semester, so you will be ready to register for your courses at your first registration window!